Former OpenAI Board Member Speaks Out About Why CEO Sam Altman Was Fired, Says Altman Compromised Mission to Prioritize Public Good

  • 2 months ago
Helen Toner, a former OpenAI board member, discussed on a podcast why CEO Sam Altman was fired in November. Helen Toner stated that Sam Altman was fired because he failed to inform the OpenAI board about the release of ChatGPT and his ownership of the OpenAI startup fund, compromising the board's mission to prioritize public good over profits. Two OpenAI executives told the board in October they couldn't trust Altman and questioned if he could lead the company to artificial general intelligence. Altman was rehired as CEO within a week but Toner and another board member who voted to fire him were removed. An investigation found the prior board acted in good faith but didn't foresee instability after Altman's firing.