Cooking Homemade Chicken Pizza in Grandma's Tandoori Oven (in the traditional way)

  • last month
Cooking homemade chicken pizza in grandma's tandoori oven (in the traditional way)

Cooking food in fire and oven is one of the important criteria that makes chicken pizza delicious.
Today, my mother and I, with the help of each other, built a foot oven in the shell hut, which is very useful for cooking pizza and meat dishes.
For the first time inside, we cooked chicken pizza with my own method, which was very tasty and roasted, and we enjoyed eating it very much.

I hope you enjoy watching it and try our homemade pizza recipe at home
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boiled chicken
tomato paste
Colored bell pepper
Cheese Pizza

How to prepare:
We prepare pizza dough from a mixture of yeast flour and salt and let it rest for a while
Chop boiled chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper and olives.
Open the dough in the container and spread koje paste on it and spread meat, vegetables and olives on it.
In the last step, we grate the cheese on it and put it in the oven
After about an hour, our pizza is ready!

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