Juliette Binoche Breaks Down The Meaning Behind Coco Chanel’s Iconic Jewelry In The New Look

  • 26 days ago
To this day, the styles popularized by Christian Dior and Coco Chanel are legendary. From Margot Robbie rocking Chanel consistently to Jenna Ortega slaying Dior looks, A-listers still adore these legendary designers. In Apple TV+’s, The New Look, we get to see the origins of these two fashion powerhouses as well as a detailed look at their personal styles. So, when I had the chance to speak with Juliette Binoche, who plays Chanel, I had to ask her about the meaning behind Coco’s amazing style and of course, those remarkable jewels she’s always wearing.

If you’ve watched The New Look’s first episodes on the 2024 TV schedule, then you’ll likely remember all the opulent and unique jewelry that Coco Chanel is consistently wearing. Binoche told me during an interview for CinemaBlend that her character was all about being both “comfortable” and “elegant,” which is why her costumes were so modern and functional, yet also expensive and almost formal.