I Just Learned The Real Age Of 'Fallout's' Thaddeus Actor, And I'm Not The Only Fan Who's In Disbelief

  • 12 days ago
Many people have seen "Fallout" by now, and between the excitement for its Season 2 renewal and the discourse among the new location featured in the Season 1 ending, I have another big shock to deliver. Johnny Pemberton's Thaddeus was one of the most fun additions to the show, but I had some real questions about how old he and Maximus were supposed to be while watching. After some research, I uncovered Pemberton's actual age and was shocked to learn he is 42 years old.

If you've watched the new Amazon series, the Squire who accompanied Maximus for part of his journey and underwent a major change at the end of the series looks much younger than he is--and it's not just because of some super serum. I'm not the only one surprised by this, as @Vvarkor on X confirmed the actor appears decades younger than he actually is.