Critics Have Seen 'Conan O’Brien Must Go,' And They’re All Saying The Same Thing About The ‘Absurd’ New Travel Show On Max

  • 12 days ago
Conan O’Brien made a return to "The Tonight Show" several years after he unceremoniously parted ways with NBC in 2010, but that’s not the reason one of the best late-night hosts ever has been back in the conversation. A viral appearance on the show "Hot Ones" has fans appreciating the comedian anew, sharing hit best bits from over the years on social media. Well, there’s good news for O’Brien loyalists old and new, as the travel series "Conan O’Brien Must Go" has premiered for those with a Max subscription, and critics are weighing in on if it’s worth the watch.

"Conan O’Brien Must Go" is a spinoff to the ex-late-night host’s podcast "Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend" and features the comedy veteran traveling all over the world to meet fans in destinations like Norway and Ireland. Longtime Coco followers may have an idea of what to expect, given THR writer Daniel Fienberg’s description of the series as “smartly stupid fun.”