Will Cote De Pablo Return To 'NCIS' Before The Tony And Ziva Spinoff? What Michael Weatherly Says

  • 12 days ago
Back in 2013, Cote De Pablo exited "NCIS" early into Season 11 after playing Ziva David as a series regular for eight seasons, and by the end of Season 13, the character was said to have been killed in an explosion in Israel. But in the Season 16 finale, Ziva was revealed to still be alive, and she went on to appear a handful of times in Season 17. Now de Pablo is set to reunite with co-star Michael Weatherly for an "NCIS" spinoff focused on Ziva and Tony DiNozzo being made for Paramount+ subscribers, but per a recent comment from Weatherly, it sounds like the actress is set to return to the flagship show soon.

Weatherly, who cameoed as Tony in "NCIS’" Ducky tribute episode, was doing an Instagram Live video (via TikTok user tivaology) with Brian Dietzen, who plays Chief Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer. While speaking to a fan who joined the conversation, Weatherly teased that there’s a “surprise Cote de Pablo thing” coming. He wasn’t able to disclose any specifics, but did say that Dietzen is a part of it, and that he expects it will “blow people’s brains” since de Pablo is a “very private person,” which is in contrast with Weatherly, who’s more “outspoken” and “open” to putting himself on “the show.”