Moon Gravity Lab In The Sky - Fly With Lunar Scientists In This Exclusive Mini-Doc

  • 27 days ago
European scientists are turning an aircraft into a laboratory that simulates lunar gravity to prepare astronauts and technology for future moon landings as part of the NASA-led Artemis missions.

The moon is a strange little world. Only about 1.2% the mass of Earth, our planet's companion exerts a much weaker gravitational force on objects on its surface than the parent planet. As a result, an astronaut on the moon's surface feels as if he or she only weighs one sixth of their earthly weight. The same goes for all equipment the astronauts would use. It may sound like no big deal but this feeble gravitational pull creates all sorts of unforeseen problems that are difficult to prepare for in research labs on Earth. There is, however, one way to experience lunar gravity while still in the confines of Earth and explore these challenges before going to the moon: in a parabolic flight.

Credit: | footage courtesy: European Space Agency/Novespace/NASA
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