'Hopefully The Fans Have Had Fun': 'Law And Order Organized Crime' Stars Weigh In On Expanding The Stabler Family In Season 4

  • 13 days ago
"Law & Order: Organized Crime" hasn't held back from exploring some new directions under the tenure of Breaking Bad alum John Shiban as showrunner, including the introduction of the Stabler brothers. In true Stabler family style, their arrival has only increased the number of complications for Elliot in the 2024 TV schedule, while also dropping some details that longtime fans have been waiting for since Christopher Meloni's "Law & Order: SVU days." Now, as the wait continues for whether or not OC gets a Season 5, actors Michael Trotter and Dean Norris have opened up to CinemaBlend about joining the family.

I spoke with the stars playing the Stabler brothers about the intervention on Joe Jr. that backfired pretty spectacularly despite Randall's best intentions, as well as Joe's "necessary" fight with their mother. When asked what it has been like to join the Stabler family that so many people are already so invested in, the actors shared their thoughts.