Scarlett Johansson Shares Concern Over New ChatGPT Vocal Feature, Paul McCartney Achieves Billionaire Status, Staind Drummer Jon Wysocki Dead at 53

  • 16 days ago
Scarlett Johansson speaks out against OpenAI for the use of similar voice in new feature. Controversy has arisen with the introduction of Chat GPT's new chat bot. Johansson revealed in a recent statement that the company's CEO Sam Altman had approached her to be the voice for the new system, but she declined. Nine months later, the actress began hearing buzz about how the new system, which was named 'Sky.' It sounded eerily similar to her own voice. While the company denies that Sky was an 'imitation' of Johansson's voice, she has doubled down on her concerns, stating 'In a time when we are all grappling with deep fakes and the protection of our own likeness, our own work, our own identities, I believe these are questions that deserve absolute clarity.' Paul McCartney reaches billionaire status, becoming the U.K.'s first musician to do so. The 81-year-old musician and his wife Nancy ranked at number 165 on the 2024 Sunday Times annual rich list, officially reaching billionaire status. According to reports, the couple's wealth has increased by more than $63 million since last year, where they were ranked at number 175. Former Staind drummer Jon Wysocki dies at 53. The artist was a founding member of Staind, having been with them since 1995 before his departure in 2011. He passed on May 18 as confirmed by his current band Lydia's Castle in an Instagram post. Staind shared a few heartfelt words about Wysocki on social media, writing 'We first met Jon through mutual friends in 1994. We came together with Mike, Aaron, and Johnny April in 1995 and founded Staind. The 17 years that followed were some of the best memories of our times together.' In today's birthday news: actor Mr. T turns 72, actor Judge Reinhold 67, actor/director Nick Cassavetes 65, actress Fairuza Balk 50, and actress Da'Vine Joy Randolph 38.