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【Name】Present is Present 奔向所有时空的你
【Genres】Thriller, Romance, Mystery
【Starring】Fan Zhixin, Tu Bing
【Synopsis】As the assistant to the president, Yuan Xia was "abused" by his boss Wei Ziqi, who was not doing his job properly and was cynical. She was framed, and Wei Ziqi coldly kicked her out of the company for profit, causing Yuan Xia to be so angry that she fainted and ended up in the hospital. When Yuan Xia woke up, she was sadly informed that she had terminal cancer. Yuan Xia instantly fell into the abyss. Her old and new grudges with Wei Ziqi made her desperate and completely turning to the dark side. Unaware of the truth, Yuan Xia planned to have no contact with Wei Ziqi until the end of her life, but she received a mysterious phone call. The other end of the phone call turned out to be from Wei Ziqi a year later. Yuan Xia then learned that the terminal cancer was a hoax, but she would indeed die for unknown reasons. A year later, under the coercion and inducement of Wei Ziqi, in order to save his life, Yuan Xia and Wei Ziqi in modern time and space began to live together in love and murder, and from then on there were many troubles.

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