Mysteries Of the Moon | These short moon's mysteries remain unsolved 2024

  • 2 months ago
#moonmysteries #giantface #moondiscovery #nasa #history #documentary
Saturday will mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, which was the first time in history humans set foot on an extraterrestrial world. But Earth’s only natural satellite is still a very unfamiliar place to us half a century later, and its history and geology are still puzzling—largely because we haven’t been back since 1972.
All of that is poised to change in the next decade as NASA and its partners ramp up new efforts to return, with an eye on staying permanently this time. With new ways of collecting data and new methods for analyzing it, some of our long-standing questions might soon have answers. Here some of the unsolved biggest scientific mysteries about the moon still waiting to be cracked.

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