The 'NCIS' Franchise's 1,000th Episode Featured Some Solid Cameos, But I'm Really Impressed By How It Connected To The Main Show's First Episode

  • 21 days ago
"NCIS" may have spun out of "JAG" in 2003, but it launched a franchise that’s not only still going strong, it’s more arguably more popular than ever. "Hawai’i" and "Sydney" are also running alongside the flagship show, and "Los Angeles" and "New Orleans" had lengthy stays for 14 seasons and seven seasons, respectively. As such, the 1,000th episode across the entire franchise aired tonight on the 2024 TV schedule through the seventh episode of "NCIS’" 21st season, titled “A Thousand Yards.” It featured some solid cameos, but I was really impressed by how this story connected to the show’s first episode, which served as a fitting away to pay tribute to the entire franchise.

“A Thousand Yards” began with NCIS director Leon Vance being shot by an unknown sniper while arguing with his son Jared while they were visiting the grave of Jackie Vance, Vance’s late wife/Jared’s mother. It soon became clear this same assailant held a grudge against the entire agency, as they bombed the crypt of late NCIS director Thomas Morrow, the office of Dr. Rachel Cranston, the late Caitlin Todd’s sister, and Tobias Fornell’s home, though fortunately Tobias wasn’t harmed and was brought to the agency. Fake threats were sent out to all the employees at the DC office, which led Nick Torres to warn "Los Angeles’" Kensi Blye and "Hawai’i’s" Jane Tennant to watch their backs.