'Reacher's' Alan Ritchson Promises The Season 3 Book Will 'Make People Very Happy,' But Adds A Caveat That Has Me Concerned

  • 21 days ago
Reacher on Amazon Prime is based off the books by Lee Child, with Season 2 adapting the thrilling novel Bad Luck and Trouble. It follows Reacher and Neagley (Maria Sten) as they investigate the murders of two members of their elite special forces unit. But in the run up to Reacher returning to the streaming waves, Ritchson surprised fans with the big news: Season 3 already is in the works.

Alan Ritchson has been active on his social media accounts, sharing images from the set of Reacher Season 3. That is both a vote of confidence for this upcoming season, and a thrill for fans because we won’t have to wait as long to see new episodes once this one has wrapped in January. I got the chance to speak with Ritchson ahead of Reacher Season 2, and as our conversation closed, I asked him which Lee Child book they were going to do for Season 3.