'Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s' Michelle Ang Opens Up About Omega’s Evolution In Season 3, Offers Advice If The Character Is Played In Live-action

  • 21 days ago
When Clone Force 99, a.k.a. The Bad Batch, scored their own spinoff after being introduced early on in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, they were joined by Omega, a female clone of Jango Fett who, like Boba Fett, ages at a normal rate. Omega’s come a long way during her time with Hunter, Wrecker, Echo and the late Tech, and with Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s third and final season about to begin, Michelle Ang, who voices Omega, opened up to CinemaBlend about the young character’s evolution in Season 3. Additionally, if Omega is ever played in live-action, Ang provided some advice to the hypothetical actress who’d take over the role.

During my chat with Ang, I pointed out how in The Bad Batch Season 1, Omega was a sheltered child who was finally got to experience freedom for the first time when the title group took her off Kamino and brought her along on their travels. Then in Season 2, we watched Omega become a capable soldier who could handle herself in the field much better. So regarding Season 3, I asked the actress what she thinks is the biggest way Omega has evolved for this new batch (pardon the pun) of episodes.