5 Thrifty Tips to Help Transform Your Garage

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5 Thrifty Tips
to Help Transform
Your Garage.
Sourcing your garage must-haves from
thrift shops, estate sales, yard sales, recycling
facilities and other secondhand stores offers
a great way to save money.
Be on the lookout for these 5 items: .
1. Vintage Gardening and Landscaping Tools, can double as rustic decor.
2. Secondhand Wheelbarrows, offer the same functionality as a new one for a fraction of the cost. .
3. Standard Tools, like hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches
can be great garage sale finds.
4. Storage Bins and Crates, of all shapes and sizes can give you an organizational edge. .
5. Shelving and Hooks, can also make a huge difference in
transforming your cluttered garage into
an extension of your living space. .
Your new garage , art studio, home gym,
workshop, office, awaits.