Video: Olivia Rodrigo's Top Comes Loose During Show, Causing Embarrassing Moment

  • 23 days ago
Pop star Olivia Rodrigo experienced an embarrassing moment during her performance at the O2 Arena in London last Tuesday night. While singing the song "Love is Embarrassing," the back of her top came loose, revealing more than expected to the fans present.

A fan near the stage captured the moment on video, showing Olivia's quick attempt to resolve the situation. Noticing the problem, she discreetly signaled one of her dancers, who rushed to help her adjust the outfit. However, the issue wasn't immediately fixed, forcing Olivia to move to the top of the stage for additional assistance.

During the incident, the microphone picked up Olivia saying, "This is so embarrassing, oops!". Despite the discomfort, the singer maintained her composure and continued the show.

Photo and video: TikTok @martareismatias