Nigel Farage responds to calls for him to become Conservative minister

  • 23 days ago
Nigel Farage has revealed that it is unlikely that he will join the Conservative Party after Jacob Rees-Mogg revealed that he wanted the Tories to join forces with both Nigel and members of Reform UK earlier today.Speaking with Patrick Christys on GB News, Patrick said: "To be honest, I was busy playing my own show, so I didn't actually see him say that live."But it's quite astonishing, actually, for a Conservative MP to come out and say this Nigel."Nigel responded: "Not just a Conservative MP, one that's held high office and also is in high regard amongst the Conservative Party membership. It is an extraordinary thing to say."But Jacob, quite a bit of Supertramp their top track is called Dreamer. It's just not going to happen because Rishi is not bold."He has no leadership whatsoever. And the truth is that the vast majority of Conservative MPs are social Democrats, one nation careerists."They have no courage. They have no vision. This will not happen even though Jacob thinks it's a good idea."WATCH CLIP ABOVE FOR MORE