Red Lobster Announces Nearly 100 Locations Will Be Shut Down

  • 24 days ago
Red Lobster Announces, Nearly 100 Locations , Will Be Shut Down.
NBC reports that approximately 99 Red Lobster locations
will be auctioned off as the seafood chain faces
questions regarding the company's long-term future.
Founder and CEO of the liquidation firm TAGeX Brands,
Neal Sherman, said he would lead the closure of over
50 locations in a May 13 LinkedIn post.
Sherman said equipment from the
locations will be auctioned off.
Locations will reportedly be closed across
the United States, including Denver,
Indianapolis, California and New York.
On May 14, Restaurant Business Magazine reported
a total of 99 locations would close, representing
about 15% of the company's 700 locations. .
NBC reports that the largest seafood
restaurant in the U.S. has struggled with debt,
unfavorable leases and executive turnover.
The chain's troubles also stem from ill-advised
strategies like an all-you-can-eat-shrimp promotion
in 2023 that resulted in a significant loss.
Earlier in 2024, the chain's largest investor,
Thai Union, announced that it would
seek to exit its position. .
The combination of Covid-19 pandemic,
sustained industry headwinds, higher
interest rates and rising material and
labor costs have impacted Red Lobster,
resulting in prolonged negative
financial contributions to
Thai Union and its shareholders, Thiraphong Chansiri, Thai Union Group’s CEO, via NBC.
After detailed analysis, we have
determined that Red Lobster’s
ongoing financial requirements
no longer align with our capital
allocation priorities and
therefore are pursuing an exit
of our minority investment, Thiraphong Chansiri, Thai Union Group’s CEO, via NBC