Jake Paul Is Already Trolling Mike Tyson Ahead Of Their Big Fight, And I Think He's Making A Big Mistake

  • 26 days ago
Jake Paul has once again shocked the fighting world with the wild announcement he'll be boxing Mike Tyson on Netflix in a live event. The fight is set for July, and here we are in March with the two already trading jabs over the internet. After seeing them exchange some comments over social media, I can't help but wonder if Paul is making a huge mistake.

There are still quite a few months to go before we get to tune in live with our Netflix subscriptions and see Mike Tyson and Jake Paul throw down, but "The Problem Child" is already poking the bear and calling out Iron Mike on Instagram. The boxing legend gave a rather tame reply to Paul saying he's "put him to sleep," and Paul decided to double down and post another reply to Instagram Stories.