The Silver Surfer Has Apparently Been Cast For Marvel's 'Fantastic Four' Reboot, But Not The Version Anyone Expected

  • last month
Although The Silver Surfer has long stood as one of Marvel’s most popular cosmic characters, it’s thanks to the "Fantastic Four" that he exists, with Norrin Radd debuting in the pages of 1966’s "The Fantastic Four" #48. As such, it was fitting that the hero was used in 2007’s "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," with Doug Jones physically playing him and Laurence Fishburne voicing him. Now it’s being reported that Marvel Studios’ "Fantastic Four" reboot will also use Silver Surfer and the role has already been cast, but it won’t be the version of the character anyone expected.

Word’s come in from Deadline that Julia Garner from the TV shows "Ozark" and "Inventing Anna," both of which can be streamed with a Netflix subscription, has been cast as a female version of Silver Surfer in the upcoming Marvel movie. Rather than portraying Norrin Radd as a woman, this version of the character will be Shalla-Bal, whom is traditionally depicted as Norrin’s love interest from his homeworld of Zenn-La. Assuming this casting for "The Fantastic Four" is legit, this is the second tentpole release Garner has lined up, as she’s also appearing in "Wolf Man."