World Record: The Chrysler That Can Wheelie 2,500 Feet

  • last month
FUELLED by methanol alcohol, this Chrysler PT Cruiser currently holds a world record for the longest wheelie. Car enthusiast ‘Nitro’ Mike Kunz, of BC, Canada, has a long established passion for drag racing and chose to modify the vehicle into a wheelstander. He said: “I had to be different. PT Cruiser was the new age of the Hot Rod coming out. And in this business, most people have a truck for wheel standers, and I wanted to be a little bit different, out of the box. So PT Cruiser seems to be right up that alley.” With a top speed of 130mph, this car set the record for the longest wheelie at 2,500 feet in 2012. But Mike is hoping to go even further and plans on breaking that record. He said: “I'm looking for a longer airstrip maybe California or something that has a long airport, where a guy could try and go maybe 5,000, 6,000 feet." Mike is somewhat of a legend on the racing scene and has travelled across the USA to show the car at different race tracks where fans can even sign its front end. Mike said: “The kids love signing the car. I wish I could have been able to do that when I was younger, you know, write on a hot rod car and watch it go down the racetrack.”