The Newlydeads (1988) [Terror Vision Blu-ray Trailer]

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This wonderfully gruesome tale of horror tells the story of five newlywed couples who arrive at the Newlywed Hotel, a beautiful lakeside resort run by Lloyd Stone. Their arrival has been plagued by a supernatural ghost hellbent on preventing her playboy ex-lover from getting married. Wedded bliss turns to horror as the guests are brutally murdered one by one. Only Lloyd possesses the power to stop the newlyweds from becoming…THE NEWLYDEADS!

Mehri, Gilchrist, Pepin, and Munchkin were some of the driving forces behind City Lights Entertainment, (before PM Entertainment) dishing out some of the sleaziest low-budget noir-ish films from 1986 to 1990 with their label. Now, the City Lights brand will be revived by Terror Vision, bringing you some of the trashiest and tastiest cinematic masterpieces that conquered the video store back in the day!


Commentary with Midnight Mass Co-Hosts and Sleazy Film Historians Michael Varrati and Peaches Christ

Interview with Doug Jones

Interview with Composer John Gonzalez

Newly(dead) Created Subtitles


Additional Info:

Region A

1988 / 77 min / 1.33:1