How 'Godzilla Minus One’s' Director Used 'Shin Godzilla,' And Two Other Toho Movies, As Important Influences For His Entry

  • 2 months ago
Everyone who’s ever watched a sci-fi movie, especially the long history of gigantic monster/kaiju movies, has their favorite type of Godzilla movie. Whether you’re more into the popcorn blockbuster style of the MonsterVerse or if the terror of Ishirō Honda’s 1954 classic is your thing, there’s a monster mash waiting for you to dig into.

With Godzilla Minus One, writer/director Takashi Yamazaki cited three of the best Godzilla films as being important influences on Godzilla Minus One. While, of course, his direct live-action predecessor, Shin Godzilla, was one of them, there were two others that he submitted as sacred texts that absolutely reflect the tone and spirit of this sleeper movie schedule hit.