Article 370 (2024) Full Movie _ Yami Gautam, Priyamani _ Action, Suspense and Thriller

  • 3 months ago
After unrest in Kashmir in 2016, local agent Zooni Haksar is chosen for a secret mission by Rajeshwari Swaminathan to end terrorism and economy conflict by abrogating Article 370 without bloodshed.
In the aftermath of the 2016 Kashmir unrest, a young local field agent, Zooni Haksar, is picked out by Rajeshwari Swaminathan from the Prime Minister's Office for a top-secret mission. Their aim? Cracking down on terrorism and putting an end to the billion dollar conflict economy in the valley, by doing the absolute impossible - Abrogating the notorious Article 370. That too, without spilling a single drop of innocent blood.
Zooni Haskar is suspended from her special force for breaking protocols and conducting an operation by killing a terrorist which was without orders from her seniors. She is transferred to Delhi as security in charge of a political leader, during a press conference she comes across Rajeshwari Swaminathan who belongs to PMO office.Rajeshwari offers Zooni to lead NIA (National Investigation Agency) which will have her direct reporting to Rajeshwari.After some hesitation Zooni decides to join NIA and asks Rajeshwari to include Yash and Wasim her former colleagues in her team.Zooni and her NIA team is all set to fight against terrorism in Kashmir by bringing them down on their knees. During her operation Zooni realizes that Rajeshwari has conducted the operation for removal of Article 370 which will open a new chapter for Kashmir.