“My Ex-wife Gave a Speech to My New Wife on Our WEDDING DAY"

  • 2 months ago
Credit: SWNS / Steve Bourdo

A woman gave a speech on her ex-husband's wedding day addressed to his new partner - and the pair get along and have dinners together.

Leah Bourdo, 39, read the emotional speech to her ex-husband Steve Bourdo’s new wife, Shonda, 35, on their wedding day in July 2023.

Steve, 38, and Leah have two daughters together, Kennedy, 13, and Harper, 11, and have worked hard to be able co-parent well.

When the pair divorced in January 2016, they didn’t speak for four years and could only communicate through email and Leah’s parents.

After letting it all out in a conversation, they decided to "forgive each other" and now have a "sibling-like relationship".