6 Best 'Mission: Impossible' Action Sequences, Ranked By Greatness

  • last month
The first full trailer for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, released earlier today, suggests that the fifth instalment to the evergreen franchise is going to build upon the exhilarating action and frenetic energy of its most recent predecessors. Yes, Tom Cruise is beginning to look his age, but his consistently wise director choices (which has previously led to the hiring of J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird to oversee Mission: Impossibles 3 and 4, respectively) means that the series has continued to grow in an intriguing fashion. But not only has the ensemble been perfectly rounded out with the additions of Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, but bolder and more death-defying stunts continue to be the cornerstone of the franchise’s popularity.

Each new films array of increasingly audacious action scenes means that the bar continues to be raised for each additional instalment, though. And looking back at Mission: Impossible’s impressive collection of action scenes from its past proves that Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation will have to go a long way to topple them. But which sequences are really the best of the best?