Is Forrest Gump Really A Good Movie?

  • last month
I've spent the past five years of my life having the same argument with Sean O'Connell, who also works here if you're new to the site. He is convinced "Forrest Gump" sucks. Like he doesn't think it's overrated. He thinks it's a legitimately terrible movie that's offensive to people from the South, has structural problems and is one of Tom Hanks' worst career performances. He hates Jenny. He hates people who say "Run Forrest Run", and he thinks it's real dumb that he just sits on a bench the whole movie.

I happen to like "Forrest Gump." I'm not going to say it's the best movie ever, but it's a great watch filled with fun music, poignant moments, enjoyable nostalgia and a good amount of shrimp conversation. Lieutenant Dan is also an all-time great character. When it shows up on cable, I watch at least twenty minutes of it every time. Would I do that if it sucks? No. Because it does not suck. It is mostly the opposite of suck.