Disney to Ban Visitors Who Lie About Disabilities

  • last month
Disney to Ban Visitors , Who Lie About Disabilities.
The Walt Disney Company says that there has
been an uptick in fraudulent disability claims at
its parks from people attempting to gain Disability Access Services (DAS), 'New York Post' reports. .
On April 15, the company said that anyone found to have lied about a disability to obtain these services will be banned from Disney parks permanently. .
If it is determined that any of the
statements a Guest made in the
process of obtaining DAS are not true,
the Guest will be permanently barred
from entering the Walt Disney World
Resort and the Disneyland Resort, The Walt Disney Company, via statement.
Any previously purchased Annual
Passes, Magic Key passes, tickets and
other park products and services...
will be forfeited and not refunded, The Walt Disney Company, via statement.
DAS allows people with disabilities
to skip waiting in lines.
The company's website previously indicated
that the service was for “guests who have
difficulty tolerating extended waits in a
conventional queue environment due to a disability.”.
The website has since been updated to read, , “DAS is intended to accommodate a small
percentage of Guests who, due to a developmental disability like autism or similar, are unable to wait in a conventional queue for an extended period or time.”.
At Walt Disney World, “in-person registration will no longer be available at theme park Guest Relations locations starting May 20, 2024,” Disney said.
Instead, DAS registrations will
take place via virtual video chat. .
However, at Disneyland, guests can
apply for DAS via either virtual chat or an
"accessibility services" window beginning June 18. .
Anyone who currently has DAS will be required to re-apply, 'New York Post' reports.