Perish Release Trailer

  • last month
In PERISH, players step into the shoes of Amyetri, a corporeal spirit condemned to the shadowy existence of Purgatory. Their mission? To end their suffering, they undertake the Rites of Orpheus and conquer the Chthonic deities blocking the path to Elysium.Survival in PERISH requires more than brute strength; players must navigate diverse landscapes, from scorched cliffs to volcanic foundries, each fraught with peril and populated by merciless enemies drawn from Ancient Greek, Roman, and Christian mythologies.But fear not, for the Armoury of Ares holds a plethora of weapons and gear to aid players in their quest. Choose from a variety of ranged and melee weapons, each with unique offensive capabilities and upgradeable augmentations.Prepare to challenge the gods themselves in PERISH, where every step forward brings you closer to either salvation or eternal damnation.