MOUSE Spike-D Gameplay Teaser (2024) HD

  • last month
MOUSE, the 1930s Noir Cartoon FPS MOUSE Teases New Grappling Hook, Helicopter, and PowerUp Spinach Gameplay. Nothing says YOU more than a can of healthy spinach!

Announced in 2023 and set to launch in 2025, MOUSE boasts a unique visual style inspired by the charm of 1930s rubber hose animation, transporting players to a nostalgic era of early cartoons. Players assume the role of a private detective navigating a noir city teeming with violent mobsters and a host of characters from the criminal underbelly.

Unravel a quest for justice in a city mired in corruption and chaos. Utilize a diverse arsenal of weapons, power-ups, and explosives to thwart the takeover ambitions of corrupt politicians. The game's playful weaponry, uniquely animated UI, and cartoon-inspired enemy behavior add a lighthearted twist to the FPS genre.

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