What are the main technologies of membrane switching?

  • 3个月前
What are the main technologies of membrane switching?

1, selection of membrane materials, membrane switch and stability are highly dependent on the performance of membrane material selection. Commonly used film materials include polyester film, polyimide film, polyamide film and so on.
When selecting film materials, it is necessary to consider the application environment, the service life of the switch, and the mechanical strength, chemical stability, wear resistance and other factors of the material.

2, the design of electrode lines: membrane switch electrode lines refers to the conductive lines printed on the film.The design of electrode circuit affects the performance and response speed of membrane switch. The width, spacing, thickness and other parameters of the conductive line need to be optimized according to the specific application, and attention should also be paid to the insulation between the electrode lines.

3. Contact design: The contact of the membrane switch is the key component to realize the opening and closing of the switch. The shape and size of the contact will directly affect the response speed and accuracy of the switch.
The contacts are usually made of metal, and generally have different shapes such as round, rectangular, and long. For applications requiring high precision control, the shape of the contacts needs to be optimized.

4, packaging technology: for the membrane switch that needs to work in harsh environments, it is necessary to use sealed packaging technology to improve its water resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
The packaging material can be plexiglass, ceramic, fluoropolymer, etc. The design of the package also requires attention to ensure ventilation and heat dissipation to prevent the switch from overheating in high temperature environments and resulting in performance degradation.
In addition to the above four main technology, membrane switch need to involve in the production of printing, cutting, punching and laminating process.The process of selection and control will affect the quality and performance of membrane switch.

Anyhow, membrane switch technology involves many aspects, including the selection of materials, electrode circuit design, contact design, packaging technology, etc.Technical personnel in the design and production of membrane switch, need comprehensive consideration of various factors, in order to optimize the performance and stability of the membrane switch.