New Arc Line - Story Trailer (2024) HD

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Magic vs. Machines: New Arc Line Puts You in the Center of a Gilded Age War. A new, heart-wrenching story trailer for single-player, story-rich RPG, New Arc Line coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in 2024.

Set in a world teetering on the precipice of change, New Arc Line invites players to explore the opulent yet troubled realm where magic and technology collide. This new trailer offers a glimpse of the stunning world Dreamate Games has crafted where towering clockwork contraptions stand alongside fantastical creatures, and the opulent cityscape of the New World contrasts with the grimy underbelly where the less fortunate struggle to survive and are often taken advantage of in the most gruesome ways.

In New Arc Line, the New World awaits, the last beacon of hope for a potential cure for the player's fatal family illness. But is it a haven or a mirage? Beneath the gilded urface, tensions simmer. Arcane magic clashes with steampunk ingenuity, the wealthy exploit the impoverished, and prejudice festers between humans and monstrous beings. As a stranger in this volatile land, players are thrust into the heart of the conflict. Their choices will not only shape their own fate, but also the future of this fractured world.

Will the player side with the established powers, or champion the downtrodden? Will they embrace the arcane arts, or harness the power of technology? In this vast RPG every choice carries weight, leading to a multitude of branching storylines and impactful consequences.

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