Suki Waterhouse Shares First Picture of Baby With Robert Pattinson

  • last month
Suki Waterhouse Shares First Picture , of Baby With Robert Pattinson.
Waterhouse took to Instagram on
April 4 to let the world see a glimpse of
the couple's new baby, CNN reports. .
"Welcome to
the world angel."
- Suki Waterhouse.
The baby's sex and name
have yet to be revealed.
Waterhouse and Pattinson
are currently engaged.
They first sparked speculation that
they were a couple in 2018.
Last year, Waterhouse told 'The Times' that she was "shocked" to be "so happy with someone for nearly five years.".
I’m always incredibly excited
when I see his name pop up
(on my phone) or even a text, and
I think he feels the same about me, Suki Waterhouse, to 'The Times'.
We’ve always got so much
to say, and I find him hilarious, Suki Waterhouse, to 'The Times'.
Waterhouse, who transitioned from
being a model to an actress, also said
that she gets acting help from her fiancé.
Rob definitely isn’t getting advice
from me about acting, but of course I’ll
try and get him to help me with an
audition before he falls asleep on the sofa, Suki Waterhouse, to 'The Times'