AT&T Confirms Data Breach Affected 73 Million Customers

  • last month
AT&T Confirms Data Breach , Affected 73 Million Customers.
73 million current and former
AT&T customers have had their sensitive
data compromised in a hack that some outlets
say dates back to 2021, Gizmodo reports.
The data, which includes social security numbers, email addresses, birthdates, phone numbers and AT&T account information, .
was located two weeks ago in a data
set released on the dark web.
It's not clear if it was AT&T's systems that were breached or if the information was stolen from one of the company's vendors.
Currently, AT&T does not have evidence
of unauthorized access to its systems
resulting in exfiltration of the data set, AT&T, via statement.
The company is communicating
proactively with those impacted and
will be offering credit monitoring at
our expense where applicable, AT&T, via statement.
As a precaution, AT&T has reset the
passcodes of its current customers. .
The company will be reaching out to customers whose information has been compromised. .
AT&T advises those who are worried about their accounts to monitor activity and credit reports.