Dragon’s Dogma 2 Launch Trailer HD

  • 2 months ago
Set Forth Arisen! Capcom released the highly anticipated action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma 2 today on PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. This sequel to the 2012 classic Dragon’s Dogma features a richly detailed and deeply explorable fantasy world built using Capcom’s RE ENGINE, where individual choices and creativity allow players to shape their own experience. In addition to the standard version of Dragon’s Dogma 2 available for MSRP $69.99, a Deluxe Edition containing the “New Journey Pack” includes in-game items to help your Arisen on their journey, such as a Wakestone, Rift Crystals, a Dragon’s Dogma Music and Sound Collection, access to a custom Camping Kit, and more that will be available for MSRP $79.99. Pre-orders of the Standard Edition will feature a bonus weapon for each of the four starting vocations, and Deluxe Edition pre-orders will also include the Ring of Assurance in-game accessory.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a narrative-driven action RPG that places players in an immersive fantasy world as the Arisen, a champion whose heart is stolen by the Dragon. You will lead a party of up to three AI companions known as Pawns, including your custom main Pawn, and up to two additional Pawns that can be recruited offline or from other players while online. While the sequel’s setting mirrors the lush rolling hills of the classic Dragon’s Dogma™ and its Dark Arisen expansion, this original adventure takes place in a parallel world containing two nations with distinct approaches to the Dragon threat. Queen Regent Disa has installed a false Arisen to maintain control of the kingdom of Vermund for her son. Meanwhile, the beastren nation of Battahl considers the otherworldly Pawns to be a source of misfortune and have turned to worship of the Lambent Flame and their high priestess Nadinia to ward off calamity.

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