Police Simulator Patrol Officers - Highway Patrol Expansion | Announcement Trailer | 2024

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Fans of the acclaimed game Police Simulator: Patrol Officers can get out of the city and onto the new highway, when the Highway Patrol Expansion will be released, alongside the new Gold Edition! Prepare for taking over the challenges and tasks of a highway patrol officer - the new Highway Duties Trailer introduces some of the most exciting ones! The new Highway Patrol Expansion, coming on June 18, 2024!

About the Highway Patrol Expansion:
The Highway Patrol Expansion for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers expands the game with the Brighton Highway district, introducing new tasks like high-speed monitoring and cargo checks. It also adds car theft chases and tools like spike strips. Players must be ready to combat fires at accident sites and can use two new vehicles: the vintage-style Interstate Police Vehicle and the Endurance Police Vehicle, a vehicle equipped with a car-stopping snare net!

About the Gold Edition:
The Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Gold Edition is especially interesting for newcomers as it combines the base game with the Garage Bundle, including 6 vehicle DLCs, as well as the brand-new Highway Patrol Expansion! Pre-order the digital Xbox version or purchase the retail version to also receive the Special Interstate Police Vehicle Skin for free!

The Highway Patrol Expansion will be available on June 18, 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One and can already be pre-ordered on Steam and for Xbox. The main game is required to play the expansion.

More information: https://www.patrol-officers.com

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