Farewell North | Official Game Release Announcement Trailer | 2024

  • 21 days ago
The emotional narrative adventure Farewell North will be releasing this Summer on PC, Switch and Xbox Series X/S. This title and it’s protagonist have been on the radar of many that are into narrative games, beautiful visuals and above all - dogs!

Farewell North is an open world exploration adventure in which you play as a border collie on a journey with his owner through the Scottish highlands. Exploring by foot and canoe, collie Chesley is doing his best to bring color back into his owners life as a story about loss and mental health is slowly unveiled and his beloved owner has a chance to heal.

Several differently themed islands can be explored at your own pace while solving some light puzzles and remembering the events of the past that led to your human falling into depression.

Solo developer Kyle Banks has built a strong community through his devlogs, Discord and TikToks but until today has never confirmed any additional platforms other than PC and had not named a release date either. So today should be a great day for all the good boy lovers and narrative enthusiasts as they can finally mark this day in their calendars - August 15, 2024.

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