TNA - Jeff Hardy vs Sting - What?

  • hace 3 meses
Seriously....Jeff Hardy was obviously under the influence of something.
This match just shouldn't have happened. As someone who actually payed for this, I'm rather pissed.(Don't get me wrong, the card had a few good matches, like: MH/AJ, UX, BMI/INK etc. But was not worth the money in the slightest) Why couldn't have TNA just done Anderson vs RVD vs Sting? All blame is on Hardy though. Eric even came out, and explained something to both of them.(There was no purpose to make it a "No DQ" match.) As a big supporter of TNA, I hate to see this. But in closing, Fuck off Jeff Hardy....I use to be behind TNA using this guy, and liked his heel shtick quite allot. Possibly one of my favorites, but after tonight, the hell with him. No excuses. Fact is, Hardy knew there was a ppv, and he knew what was expected of him. but, what the hell, why not just get fucked up instead! Right!?

I don't know. This could just be a 'work'. Kind of shitty on TNA's part to use that purposely for the main event, but I'm just going off my speculation, I could be COMPLETELY wrong here. But from what I watched, with Jeff playing the crowd with the shirt throw for two minutes, Sting clearly stating "I Agree" to the bullshit chants, Hardy nearly falling over during his entrance, and the forcible three count that Jeff tried to kick out of, but Sting wouldn't let up on the shoulders(As seen in the replay). As if that's not enough evidence. But whatever..That's my "rant".