OPEN Game Announcement Teaser (2024)

  • 2 months ago
OPEN, a multi-biome, multi-IP, multi-mode battle royale experience interoperable with globally recognized IP will set the stage for the future of gaming. OPEN, the first AAA quality metaverse experience interoperable with AAA IP that leverages web3 technology. OPEN is now in development for PC and current-generation platforms.

The third-person battle royale experience OPEN will be the hero experience in The Readyverse. The Readyverse is a next-gen immersive and interoperable platform for discovering metaverse games and experiences.

Enter OPEN’s immersive multiverse filled with nostalgia-infused biomes featuring characters and cultural legends across iconic franchises. Challengers embark on game-show styled, multi-round collaborative and competitive game modes, but only one hero can emerge victorious. Hone and showcase a vast array of gaming disciplines, where tactical positioning, sly movement, strategic shooting, and driving skills take center stage, as you join forces with worthy allies, plan together for strategic advantages, and engage in intense gameplay sessions.

OPEN derives its name from the principles that The Readyverse will champion including asset interoperability, digital ownership, decentralization and security. Among additional globally recognized IP, such as Reebok and DeLorean featured in the teaser, OPEN will feature a Ready Player One biome where fans can engage in competitive experiences born from the novel and film itself; including branded environments and skins.

Readyverse Studios recently announced its partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery to exclusively bring the Ready Player One franchise to the metaverse. Readyverse Studios is a first-of-its-kind studio co-founded by Futureverse Co-Founders Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, as well as Ernest Cline, the best-selling novelist and renowned creator of the groundbreaking franchise Ready Player One and Dan Farah, Ready Player One film producer.

For more information, check out the official OPEN website at

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