Dwayne Johnson Gains Ownership Rights to 25 Names and Catchphrases
  • last month
Dwayne Johnson Gains Ownership Rights , to 25 Names and Catchphrases.
Johnson received intellectual property rights to a slew of names and phrases after joining TKO Group Holdings' board of directors, 'Variety' reports. .
It was previously announced that
the deal gave Johnson rights to his
famous wrestling name, “The Rock,”.
but in a Feb. 27 SEC filing, TKO revealed
more intellectual property that the
WWE has surrendered to Johnson. .
According to 'Variety,' the full list includes:.
“The Rock,” “Rocky Maivia,” “Team Corporate,” “Rock Nation,” “The Nation,” “Roody Poo,” “Candy Ass,” “Jabroni,” .
“If you smell what The Rock is cooking,” “The Samoan Sensation,” “The Blue Chipper,” “The Brahma Bull,” “The People’s Champion,” “The Great One,” .
“Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth,”
“Team Bring It,” “The Rock Just Bring It,”
“The People’s Elbow,” “Rock Bottom,”
“Finally, The Rock has come back to…,” .
“It doesn’t matter what…,” “Blue Hell,”
“The millions… (and millions),” “Rockpocalypse,” “Project Rock” and “The most electrifying
man in sports and entertainment.”.
According to the SEC filing, Johnson will receive $30 million in TKO stock through 2025.
He was also given WWE royalty
payments of $491,000 in 2023...
... and “will continue to receive such annual royalties from WWE and will be entitled to receive royalties in connection with the sale of licensed products”...
... “that utilize the Assigned IP and his name,
likeness and other intellectual property rights
in accordance with the Services Agreement.”