Courageous skier fumbles 1st backflip attempt after 'getting lost' in the air
  • 2 months ago
"Mistakes are proof that you are trying," and this sentiment certainly resonates with the daring star of this video.

"That day, the snow was good and the conditions were perfect, so it was ideal for my friend to send his first backflip," the filmer, Katrin, told WooGlobe. "He went for it and kind of got lost in the air. He had the good reflex to turn his body to land on the side to get less hurt."

Katrin added that the subject didn't incur any injuries and that he courageously attempted the backflip again, successfully landing it on his second try.

The fact that even a shaky start couldn't deter him is a testament to his undying spirit of adventure.
Location: Engelberg, Switzerland
WooGlobe Ref : WGA410735
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