A Man Called Otto - Cast Interview With ReelBlend

  • 2 months ago
There are plenty of people who can probably name the best Tom Hanks movies. Whenever his name comes up, viewers probably think of hit films like "Splash," "Big," "Sleepless in Seattle," "Forrest Gump," "Philadelphia," "Cast Away," etc. (Hanks himself has specific thoughts on his best flicks and the "casual slaughter" that comes with making them.) But there’s one movie that Hanks thinks doesn't get referenced too often. With that, the two-time Oscar winner took some time to highlight the "incredibly important movie" during a chat.

Throughout his career, the "A Man Called Otto" star has proven he can master any genre, whether it be comedy or drama. While a number of his movies get referenced by fans, Tom Hanks feels the one people don't discuss is the acclaimed 2002 crime drama "Road to Perdition." The underrated gem came up during the star's interview with CinemaBlend's own "ReelBlend" podcast when the hosts called the film one of their favorites from Hanks. Once it was brought up, the witty actor took the time to reflect on the movie, making specific note of his esteemed collaborators.