McConnell to Step Down as Senate Republican Leader
  • 2 months ago
McConnell to Step Down , as Senate Republican Leader.
The Senate's longest-serving leader
ever, Mitch McConnell, will step
down in November, AP reports.
The 82-year-old made the
announcement on Feb. 28.
One of life’s most underappreciated talents
is to know when it’s time to
move on to life’s next chapter, Mitch McConnell, via statement.
So I stand before you today ... to
say that this will be my last term
as Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, via statement.
While McConnell will no longer serve as the Senate's Republican leader, he will complete his term,
"albeit from a different seat in the chamber," he said.
That term ends in January 2027.
President Biden, 81, commented
on the development.
I’ve trusted him and we have
a great relationship. We fight like
hell. But he has never, never,
never misrepresented anything, President Joe Biden, via statement.
According to McConnell's aides, the
announcement was not related to health issues.
As I have been thinking about when I would
deliver some news to the Senate, I always
imagined a moment when I had total clarity
and peace about the sunset of my work, Mitch McConnell, via statement.
A moment when I am certain I have
helped preserve the ideals I so
strongly believe. It arrived today, Mitch McConnell, via statement