Star Wars: Dark Forces REMASTER Launch Trailer (2024)
  • 2 months ago
Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster has been brought to life by the team at Nightdive Studios, fully remastered through its proprietary KEX engine, allowing the game to run on modern gaming devices at up to 4K resolution at 120FPS. New and returning players will enjoy Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster’s upgraded gameplay, high-resolution textures, enhanced lighting and rendering, and support for gamepads.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

The original 1995 Star Wars: Dark Forces raised the bar for FPS games, offering players a significant degree of movement and interactivity, a large selection of items and power-ups, and engaging environments.

In the first Star Wars FPS video game, players assume the role of Kyle Katarn, a defector of the Galactic Empire turned mercenary for hire. Katarn joins the Rebel Alliance’s covert operations division tasked with infiltrating the Galactic Empire, where he discovers the secret Dark Trooper Project. The development of this powerful new series of Imperial battle droids and power-armored stormtroopers stands to strengthen the Empire’s grip on the galaxy unless Katarn and the Rebel Alliance intervene.

Key Features:

All fourteen original levels, featuring Star Wars worlds and capital ships.

Use your ability to jump, duck, and crawl to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Your Personal Digital Assistant provides you with in game information such including map, inventory, and mission briefing.

Engaging first-person ground combat featuring ten weapons and twenty types of enemies.

Up to 4K 120FPS visuals.

Advanced 3D rendering enables updated lighting and atmospheric effects.

Modern gamepad support adds a new weapon wheel, and rumble.

Controller Support - vibration and gyro controls.

A variety of power-ups are made available to the player, including health, shields, weapons and ammunition.

For combat, the player may use fists, explosive landmines and thermal detonators, as well as blasters and other ranged weapons.

Includes immersive environmental puzzles and mazes.

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