Jennifer Lopez The Greatest Love Story Never Told: I Am An Artist (clip) w logos

  • 3 months ago
The Greatest Love Story Never Told (Amazon MGM Studios) Star: Jennifer Lopez
Directed by Jason Bergh, The Greatest Love Story Never Told follows Jennifer Lopez as she attempts her most daring project yet: independently producing a new album and cinematic original that explore her twenty-year journey to self-love. Intimate and empowering, the documentary offers unflinching access to Jennifer’s most personal moments as she works hard to reclaim her narrative through the making of This Is Me…Now. From interviews with her inner circle, including producing partners and longtime collaborators, to candid home moments, this is a vulnerable portrait of an icon who put it all on the line and discovered a newfound determination in self-acceptance and love.

Directed By Jason Bergh
Produced By Courtney Baxter, Gillian Brown, Lindsay Utz, Stephan Bielecki
Executive Produced By Dani Bernfield, Jason Bergh