After Zoe Saldaña Expressed Interest In Reuniting With James Gunn For Another Superhero Movie, The DC Co-Head Responded
  • 2 months ago
In the ever-evolving landscape of upcoming superhero movies, Zoe Saldaña hasn't closed the door on returning to the genre and potentially collaborating with her former colleague James Gunn, now at the helm of DC Studios. The dynamic duo, known for their thrilling work on Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" trilogy, seem to have turned the page on their Marvel chapters post Vol. 3 of their franchise. With the Slither filmmaker stepping up as the co-CEO of DC Studios and Saldaña hinting at hanging up her Gamora boots after Gamora's bittersweet ending, the question on everyone's mind is: could these two powerhouses join forces under the DC banner? Let’s look at what the two superhero heavyweights had to say about another possible team-up.

During a chat about her latest venture, the series "Special Ops: Lioness," the "Amsterdam" star was asked by ComicBook about re-teaming with Gunn. Specifically, they wondered if she'd be open to a role in any upcoming DC movies, perhaps one less demanding in the makeup department than her intensive Gamora transformation.