Six-Wheeled Supercar Worth Over $650,000

  • 5 months ago
ITALIANS are known for their supercars, from Lamborghini to Ferrari, Maserati to Bugatti – but one you probably haven’t heard of is the Covini 6SW. In 1974, Ferruccio Covini first conceived the original idea of manufacturing a six-wheeled supercar. Low-profile tyres were unavailable at the time, so the project was abandoned at its inception and was left until the 1980s, when hydro-pneumatic suspensions were developed. High costs and various other hindrances further delayed the project until the 1990s, when new technologies and airbags encouraged investors. Ferruccio Covini’s elder son Federico explained: “We had to find the right investors in order to reach our target.” The car has a starting price around $650,000 but can be much more expensive if customised. Federico said: “Our goal at first was not to sell this kind of car, we just built them for passion.” Why six wheels? If one of the front tyres deflates, the wheel next to it allows to maintain enough control. Having four brake disks in the front also makes for a larger braking surface, resulting in better braking and less overheating. Other advantages that come from having six wheels include better road holding, reduced risk of aquaplaning, improved directional stability and better handling. Ferruccio Covini explained: “No other manufacturer has this technology; the car is very driveable with our power steering.”