Chris Pine Reacts To His 'Wish' Villain Almost Having An Animal Sidekick, And How His ‘Evilness’ Changed Over Time
  • 2 months ago
Walt Disney Animation is celebrating Disney at 100 this fall with the release of "Wish." The next of the upcoming Disney movies draws inspiration from the House of Mouse’s century of beloved animated titles, including building upon the components for which the studio is most famous. Between fun music numbers, magical happenings, talking animals and memorable villains, "Wish" has all those Disney trademarks. And it almost had another, but the filmmakers decided to leave it as a rough sketch.

When I spoke to "Wish" producers Peter Del Vecho and Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster Jones on behalf of CinemaBlend, I asked them why Chris Pine’s King Magnifico doesn’t get an animal sidekick like many classic Disney villains before him have had. I’m talking about the Iago to Jafar, the Flotsam and Jetsam to Ursula and so forth.