Seance Games - Metaxu | Trailer | Eric Roberts | Tane McClure | Andrew James Ferguson | Indie Horror
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Four popular social media stars, team up to play the onlineSéance Game called ""Metaxu"". Each team must live-stream2 séances over two nights at the scariest, most haunted place they can find. The team with the highest number of followers during the séances will win over 1 million dollars and worldwide METAXU fame. Thinking this is all fun games, with just a little horror cos-play, our team soon discovers that they have encountered a true haunting with deadly consequences. The intensity rises as they are followed by the ghost of their murdered friend, and learn that someone in their group may be her KILLER.

Directed by Tane McClure

Written by Tane McClure and Tyke Caravelli


Eric Roberts
Tane McClure
Olivia Deligan
Andrew James Ferguson
Madison Taylor
Bernard Timmons II
Farryl Christina Lawson
Nisha Catron
Sylvester Bowen