'Severance' Season 2: What We Know About The New Season
  • 2 months ago
"Severance," the Apple TV+ original series created by Dan Erickson and directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle, was considered by many to be one of the best new TV shows of 2022, and there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the sci-fi thriller. But after that wild Season 1 ending with its big cliffhanger, some may have some questions about the show’s future and what’s in store when the second season finally arrives.

Well, while we don’t know a lot of specifics about the story and where things are headed for Adam Scott’s Mark Scout or Britt Lower’s Helly Riggs, there’s actually quite a bit we do know about "Severance" Season 2. From the returning (and new) members of the cast to what the show’s creative team and actors have teased to what’s going on with its production, here’s everything we know about the new season.